Proceedings from the Symposium Law – Commerce – Economy are published annually at the occasion of the scientific international symposium.

Proceedings have been published for many consecutive years and in 2024 they will be published for the thirteenth time.

Papers published contain not only the examination of the recent issues de lege lata, but include also considerations and proposal de lege ferenda on the national as well as on the international level.

It is necessary to highlight the international aspect of the Law – Commerce – Economy proceedings, as the published authors are not only representatives of the Slovak, but also of the international academic field and practice causing the title of the scientific symposium as international.

Due to the fact that proceedings are compiled and published as a result of the scientific programs examinations, the authors’ considerations in the individual scientific studies are on the level of academic considerations that may help to solve complex legal questions.

The International Scientific Committee of the Symposium as well as the proceedings publishers realize the need to ensure the integrity of scientific publications as well as the need to fulfil ethical standards in scientific examination and publication.

The International Scientific Committee of the Symposium and the proceedings’ publishers try to ensure that only original scientific papers are published, and for this reason adopt necessary measures to prevent plagiarism, e. g. through the standard review process based on the double-blind peer review. On the other hand, they also provide freedom in the scientific expression and discussion.

The proceeding’s publishers fully identify with the publication ethics’ principles expressed and published on the Committee on Publication Ethics website.