Accommodation for the conference participants is provided directly in the hotel PATRIA.

Further information:,

Contact:, +421 52 784 8999

Every participant is required to book accommodation individually. During the reservation, the participant is required to specify that the reservation is for participation in the International Symposium.

Accommodation price:


  1. standard single room: 85 €/per night
  2. standard double room: 102 €/per night
  3. apartment standard and comfort: 135 €/per night
  4. single room lux: 104 /per night
  5. double room lux: 130 €/per night
  6. apartment lux: 180 €/per/night  (Local fee: €2/per person/per night is payable separately)

Accommodation price includes:

  • breakfast (buffets),
  • entry to the swimming pool and wellness,
  • fitness and table tennis,
  • parking.