The international scientific symposium follows the long tradition of autumn scientific conferences held regularly in the High Tatras since the first half of the 1970s.

In accordance with the tradition, the symposium is organised in cooperation with the Institute of State and Law of the Czech Academy of Sciences and the Institute of State and Law of the Slovak Academy of Sciences.

The symposium aims to connect legal theory and practice, as it invites the participation of both members of the academic community as well as professionals from the relevant legal practices, bank representatives and delegates of the state authorities and government.

The coordinators of the symposium aim to reflect the relevant legislative changes in the national, European and international legal environment in the symposium’s programme.

In recent months various relevant topics have been discussed within the scientific community, from which these issues have been chosen by the coordinators as the symposium’s topics:

  1. Basic background and open issues of the recodification of private law (in particular with regard to commercial law)
  2. Solving the crisis situation of the entrepreneur by the standards of bankruptcy and commercial law
  3. Artificial intelligence and law: The influence of artificial intelligence on the normative activities of the state and the decision-making of courts

The aim of the symposium is to present original ideas, opinions, information and the results of the scientific research within the scope of the projects APVV-14-0598 Electronisation of business with emphasi on the legal and technical aspects, and APVV-17-0561 Human rights related aspects and ethical aspects of the information security.

The aim of the symposium is also to create a possibility for a wider discussion regarding the relevant issues of legal theory and practice and an area for informal meetings and discussions.

Conference languages: slovak, czech, english